Cernos gel- use the gel for the growth of hormones


Many people are facing the problem of deficiency of the hormone. The paucity of hormones causes many issues; it kills your desire for sex. It also decreases the time of sexual activity. If you apply the cernos gel on your skin, it would go into your bloodstream through the skin and will increase the level of testosterone in the body. High level of testosterone in the body improve your sex drive, your partner feels more satisfied with you. The right use of the gel is vital for the practical outcome. The purpose of the cernos gel will also improve the strength of bone.


  • Precautions: 


  1. If you are going to apply the cernos gel on the skin first, clean the surface with water and let it dry. When your skin is totally dry, apply the gel on the skin.


  1. Make sure you have washed your hands before applying the gel. Your hands contain many types of dirt and bacteria; it essential that you clean the hand before applying the gel. If you use it without washing the hands, the result of the gel may affect it.


  1. When you have applied the gel wash the hands. You can touch the face with the hands; this gel is not for the face. Therefore, wash the hand after using the gel.



  • Can the extensive use of the cernos gel cause the side-effects?

The extensive use of any medication is harmful to health. If you use much cernos gel, it can negatively affect you. If you misuse it, then you can face the problems of irritation in urine and fatigue, so use it in the right way.


  • How long can cernos gel be used regularly?

Many doctors suggest avoiding the long-time use of the cernos gel. You should use the gel regularly for one month. After one month, stop using this medication for some time. After some time, you can again use the gel.


  • What time is best to apply the cernos gel?

Many people ask, at what time cernos gel should use. The best time to use the gel is morning. Take a shower to let the skin dry, and apply the gel on the surface. After applying, wash the hand with the soap.


  • Is the use of cernos gel is safe?

Yes, the use of the testosterone is safe if you use it according to the advice of the doctor. As your doctor has advice, apply that pattern to use the cernos gel.



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